Step 1: The Interview!

So.. I have my interview tomorrow. 1pm. Right now I'm fine. Tomorrow.. if you say boo to me I will cry or wee myself.
When, I spoke to the VA (Voluntary Agency) on Friday and the date was brought forward from the 16th March to TOMORROW, I was so emotional after the call. It was happening.. I was taking the first step. God only knows what I'll be like tomorrow.

I don't really know what to expect either. I know it'll last about 2 hours and they will want to know who I want to do it alone and now, why adoption, stuff about me and my support network and I guess some general health/lifestyle questions. They should go through the process with me and the next steps, etc.

I really want to make a good impression, I've even been asking everyone what I should wear! Not toooo career woman. But still professional and "grown up". But not tooo serious.. Is that mad? Has anyone else done the same?

It IS mad but this is the first hurdle. It could all end tomorrow.. they could say they don't think I'm ready and not want to take me on. I guess as the process is funded by them they want to make sure they can work with me to the end goal, etc. And I don't know what I'll do if they say no. I could then register with my LA (Local Authority) instead, though they will want to know why I got turned down and then may be biased...

Well.. I'll tell you how I get on anyway and what they ask.

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