Talk About "Big Brother"!

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Am I being super-paranoid.. ?

I am second guessing every word I write in my homework.. my emails to the SW, everything I say (did I REALLY need to joke about "being partial" to a G&T with her!? She started it.. was it a test??), do and how it's interpreted.

Being a single adopter, I feel a bit like a woman working in IT.. like I have to justify my abilities even more. And recently trying to balance work with this process has moved challenging.

A New Companion

I am so charmed by this book I am reading.. it is so real and honest.

A single woman's journey through the process and out the other end to mummy of a 4yr old girl. She doesn't always think she's doing the right thing. She doesn't always think she'll make it through. And 3 weeks after her daughter has come to live with her, she questions if she's done the right thing. It's fleeting and she realises she could never abandon her but the fact that she could openly say she felt those things is why I love it.

How Quickly Do You Want To Go??

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hmmmmm... hard to be judged in 2000 characters or less but that's ok.. if 99% are put off that just leaves one :-)

The home assessment has started. My SW (R) was assigned during the final week of Prep Group and I've met her 3 times so far. She's.. well she's hard to describe. In her early 40s perhaps (maybe older but looks good). She has older children and she's spent most of her career working on the child's side. She used to be a Youth Offending Office. Lastly a Children's Guardian (they have responsibility for the child's welfare during the process and will help the judge make the final decision on whether the child gets put up for adoption for example) which is good because hopefully she'll have first-hand experience of the kinds of children out there and what may work for me.

Let's Get This Show On The Road..

It's time ladies.. it turns out, I've been fooling myself. I've been trying "casual dating" and it’s not for me.

I am 120% committed to the adoption process that I have embarked on and whilst I have wobbles such as "aaaaaaargh.. how will I cope financially?".. and "shiiiiiiiiiiiit.. what do I do in the school holidays?" and "holy crap.. have I gone mad, I can barely remember to buy food for my cats!".. I'm led to believe these are all normal. And they have never ever made me question if I can really do it. Nor whether I can do it alone. I know I can. I KNOW I can. Because if nothing else, I'm determined and bloody stubborn and I have been telling myself since I was old enough to work out what it meant that I would never ever let a child down like I was.

Hold All My Calls.. I'm Not Coming Back

Who knew.. WHO KNEW!?

Actually  lots of you probably knew but this is a new one for me. I'm at a spa. Not just any old spa.. Grayshott Spa in Surrey. More of a health resort than a beauty spa, you get a health consultation when you arrive and EVERYTHING is designed with your health in mind. No tea or coffee in your room, just water. Free water I might add. You can have an alcoholic drink at the bar if you want one, but "we do not sell sugary fizzy drinks such as diet coke Madam".. (Not said to me incidentally, I don't do diet drinks/food. Would rather eat less of the good stuff, than suffer eating the stuff that's supposed to be healthy and tastes like cack!).