If Dreams Come True

My pledges to you..
  1. I will always make you pancakes ON Pancake Day, with any topping you choose.

  2. I apologise in advance.. I probably WILL say things like "Do as I say and not as I do" and ".. because I said so".. because it's in the moms handbook :-) but I will also ALWAYS listen. If you tell you are not happy, I will stop the world from revolving until I've made you smile again.

  3. Sunny days will never be wasted indoors without good reason.. and where there is sunshine, there has to be ice-cream! Even if we've got our scarves on..

  4. From the minute you arrive you will know what it means to have "family".

  5. I will wait until you arrive before finishing the decorating of your room and we can do it together..

  6. I will not be a hyprocrite but a role a model for you as much as I can throughout our life.. I will not be perfect, but when I make mistakes you will know them to be mine and not yours.

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