My Dads..

The good news is.. I reconnected with my step dad yesterday. No big dramas or explosions.. it's funny how much harder it gets to contact someone the longer it's been since you last spoke.

Anyway.. it'll be fine. We have lots to talk about but baby steps for now. I'm hoping to visit at the end of March when I take my sister out for her birthday.

And my other dad? Well.. I contacted someone the other day. Through their work email address lol. My super-detective friend found a company owned by someone with my dads name roughly in the area I believe he lived. And a picture of his son playing squash. He also seems to run some kind of cycling club which is interesting as my dad used to work for Raleigh.

A string of coincidences no doubt but I emailed his work address anyway and just asked if he had worked at Raleigh 30ish years ago.

And I haven't heard back. It was Tuesday. Now.. it was his work address so have to assume he gets/checks them often. And if you weren't the person being looked for wouldn't you say, sorry love it's not me. I didn't mention anything about being his daughter lol. Or.. could it mean he's suspected (I said my name which I think he knew)..

OR AM I BEING A CRAZY LUNATIC because it HAS only been 2 days lol.

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