The single the weirdest thing we've ever done!

Recently we went to an Activity Day.

It was the single the weirdest thing I've ever done.

Firstly I must say the set up was just amazing. The children clearly enjoyed themselves.. there was the magician from Mr Tumble and a disco (they ALL knew how to dance Gangnam Style! Too cute.). It was lovely from that perspective and went some way towards my initial fear that they would all seem sad and helpless and that I'd want to walk out with every single one of them.

But that aside.. even now it's difficult to describe how I felt. There was a briefing, which was useful. It just focused the mind on what was going on there and it was good to know the "rules of engagement". For example, you should try and play with all of the children. But not for too long! About 20 mins otherwise they may start to get expectations and there may be prospective adopters that have come specifically to see that child. We looked at each 10 mins in and both said at the same time.. "This is just weird". So after about 20 minutes, it was time to go meet them.