Random Crazy .1 - Alcoholic??

Like sitting bolt upright in bed after a nightmare, randomly during the course of the day I have started having random "OMG" moments.. Actually I think I always had those, but at least now they're centred around the same topic!

So today's Random Crazy... came to me as I stood on a stage doing a presentation to some business users onsite for a client. Suddenly I wondered if during my assessment they would think I was an alcoholic and not approve me.

That may sound random but I do have an explanation. Which isn't.. that I actually AM an alcoholic, though I'm not sure everyone would be convinced of that ;-)

After moving to the area a few months ago, I recently registered at my local surgery. As part of their registration process you have to complete a survey of 5 questions or so, all about how much alcohol you consume per week, month, etc. You get points up to 5 for each one depending on how you answer and then when you add them up if you're 20 or over, they "suggest" you might benefit from a chat with the nurse, about binge drinking etc. Well... OBVIOUSLY I got 20! I actually don't drink that much (in the grand scheme lol).. I do like a G&T after work or a glass of wine, but only ever usually have one during the week and not EVERY night.

The question that stumped me was around how many times I might drink more than 6 units. I think I said once a month, which in reality is one night out a month. I can handle my drink, so I do normally knock back a few but any of my friends will tell you, I'm usually the only one sober at the end of the night. Or at least, the only one not slurring, pole dancing (without the pole), or trying to pull an inanimate object!

Yet.. there it is on the side.. the letter from the Drs asking if I would like to attend a "session" on overdoing it..

And right in the middle of my workshop, I suddenly thought - during my assessment they are going contact my Dr. and basically find out that I'm "on paper" almost an alcoholic and therefore clearly unfit to bring home a little thing that may already have been traumatised because of drinkers in the family!!!

I wonder if I should mention it in my interview tomorrow.......... mm.. maybe not.

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