Interview Questions

Here are some of the questions I was asked:
  • About me
    • Why adoption, why now
    • Do I smoke, drink
    • Am I healthy
    • Have I experienced any loss or trauma
    • What is my experience with other children
    • Anyone else living with me
    • Relationships (i.e. about marriages, why they ended)
  • My environment
    • What's my house like
    • Do I have adequate space and a second bedroom
    • What are the neighbours like
    • What do I have around me - Doctors, schools, parks
  • My family
    • Siblings
    • Parents
    • Other members of the family that are important to me
  • Friends
    • Relationships with friends
    • Who could I expect support from, physically or emotionally
    • Do they have children
    • How far away are they

And that's it in the main.

Some advice to pass on -
  • If you don't have much experience with children (family and friends kids count), or even if you do, try to get some more volunteering with the age group you're thinking about. Perhaps at a nursery, creche, childrens centre, etc. Guides, Brownies, play-scheme, school even. It shows you're taking it seriously, also that you want to get experience of what it's like to look after/be around children that aren't yours.

  • Think beforehand about your friends and family and that support network. It's not too early to start putting a map together of who the key players are, they're experience of children themselves, whether they support your decision and the kinds of support they would be able to off you. It will also be a good excersise for you to think about your relationships with these people. Who will come running if you are really struggling and just need half an hours break after you've been awake from a week?

  • Think about your surroundings. What you have nearby, etc. I had no idea of the number of parks and leisure places nearby. Also that I have 2 good Primary schools within walking distance. If you can find this out and tell them in the interview, it's really helpful.

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