Hold All My Calls.. I'm Not Coming Back

Who knew.. WHO KNEW!?

Actually  lots of you probably knew but this is a new one for me. I'm at a spa. Not just any old spa.. Grayshott Spa in Surrey. More of a health resort than a beauty spa, you get a health consultation when you arrive and EVERYTHING is designed with your health in mind. No tea or coffee in your room, just water. Free water I might add. You can have an alcoholic drink at the bar if you want one, but "we do not sell sugary fizzy drinks such as diet coke Madam".. (Not said to me incidentally, I don't do diet drinks/food. Would rather eat less of the good stuff, than suffer eating the stuff that's supposed to be healthy and tastes like cack!).

Since splitting up with my ex-hubby no 2, I've been holidaying alone. And it's been fine. I've done it for years actually - my first solo holiday I took off to Ireland for 2 weeks and did a tour of the West Coast. I was about 17 or 18 then. I know some people hate the thought, but I really don't mind it at all. I get to do what I want, when I want. The only "difficult" bit is eating.. but if you pick the right restaurant it's fine and actually if you can eat outside that's even better. I went to Bellagio on Lake Como last year (Most beautiful place on Earth? Quite possibly..) and found a hotel at one end of the town with their restaurant right on the edge of the Lake. I sat there for about 4 hours every night drinking a bottle of Soave and reading or writing my pipedream. No one bothered me and I saw a number of other single people dropping in and out over the week.

Anyway.. this year I got myself into my usual state of agitation over where I should go. I usually go early September when it's quieter and the weather is still good but so much is going on right now, I thought I might implode if I didn't get away RIGHT NOW. Course I can't take time off at the moment but as luck would have it, the Queen has granted us an extra day's Bank Holiday (whoop) so the Jubilee weekend was perfect. Of course.. British Airways have cottoned on and the prices of flights across the board had quadrupled in price. I suspect that the upcoming Olympics hasn't helped and my chance of getting out of the country until it's over are remote to none.

So.. where to go.. where to go.. everywhere in England over this weekend was bound to be a nightmare of flag-flying and celebrations that I really was not in the mood for (don't lock me in the Tower, I am NOT the only one). I thought about a singles holiday.. as in.. a coordinated thing with other "single" people. The risk as always is being stuck with lonely 50 something’s. Which is fine but not quite what I was looking for. I fancied a singles sailing holiday.. the pics all showed smiling single men (and quite hot!) and women of around my age. But after considering it for 3 months, just as I was about to book I remembered I get seasick and also really really annoyed when my hair gets wet! Just in the nick of time..

One month to go and let me tell you what happened.. my Business Analyst resigned. The Project Manager resigned. We fired a developer and the one about to join then couldn't for Visa reasons. Over the space of a week our team was almost halved.. Not on that but the company is in the process of splitting from the other side of the business into it's own entity, so 2 of the team are currently dedicated to building our new website. Where did that leave me..? Doing 3 jobs. On top of that, my home assessment has started.. and to say "intense".. well that's for another post. I haven't been able to exercise, eat or sleep properly and have been feeling generally ragged. Needless to say by the time it got to last week, if I didn't take myself off somewhere this weekend I may have gone Postal.

So I took my holiday budget and booked myself into this spa for 3 days. THREE days. I feel like a lady-that-lunches :-) And this place is amazing. It's not one of those places where you have to wear full make up in the pool. Frankly, I feel a bit out of place putting anything other than my robe and slippers on! You can wear your robe to breakfast and lunch and all the ask is you put some casual clothes on at dinner. Dinner.. the food.. I requested the Light Menu (so 2 courses not 3) and it is so delicious I had to stop myself having a When Harry Met Sally moment last night.. which would have been odd given I was on my own!

There are other singlees here too not that I could care less. I'm here to get ahead with some of my assessment homework, read, catch-up on my blog and take care of myself for a few days so I can start all over again on the treadmill of life on Wednesday! Friday was the last day for the PM and my BA and I'll miss them both but actually it's shaken the company up a lot which is great. Unfortunately in the short term I'll be doing both my BA's job too and with the help of my gorgeous partner in crime, the PM role as well! We start on Wednesday and we're both a bit nervous of cocking it up so this weekend.. get my head together. Get my health together and show those techies how it's done!

That's if I ever leave..

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