Walk Before We Run!

Just read a great post on why Adoption preparation shouldn't be rushed on The Children's Services Blog.

I have to say as much as I want this to happen yesterday.. I'm finding the pace already amazingly quick. Friends often remark on how fast things seem to be moving. You can see from my Timeline you can see that I only went to an Information Evening on 31st January and the assessment is likely to be complete in under 5 months. The matching process could equally take another 5 months.. it could also only take 1! That could be less than 9 months and the learning curve is so steep.

You need that time to get to grips with what you're about to do - not just start raising a child, but someone else's. And someone that could come with significant difficulties or development delays that may not even have been diagnosed at that stage.

I have talked to others from the Prep group and know that some of them have been in the process a lot longer.. especially those that started out applying through a Local Authority. That's where the bottleneck seems to be - some having to wait 12 months before they can even get on the Prep Group and aren't allowed to apply to it's complete!

So I know the process can be horrendous - inter-country adoption even worse and I am all for streamlining the process. As much for the potential parents (it's no wonder so many drop out of the process before they get to Panel) as for the children who shouldn't be left in Care any longer than is necessary. BUT we shouldn't rush it to the point were mistakes are made. On all sides.

Adoption: Why preparation shouldn't be rushed - The Children's Services Blog

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