A New Companion

I am so charmed by this book I am reading.. it is so real and honest.

A single woman's journey through the process and out the other end to mummy of a 4yr old girl. She doesn't always think she's doing the right thing. She doesn't always think she'll make it through. And 3 weeks after her daughter has come to live with her, she questions if she's done the right thing. It's fleeting and she realises she could never abandon her but the fact that she could openly say she felt those things is why I love it.

It's charming and at times funny as well as being educational about the process itself. It's an interesting read for me because she adopted through an LA so it's interesting to see the parallels and where things differ.

It's become a real companion through the journey and I will actually be sorry to have finished it!

Whatever your scenario, I think it's well worth a read. And also gives you a bit of an insight into what can go wrong at panel or what can cause hiccups along the way. It definitely highlights the importance of the social worker in this and what effect it can have if the one you're allocated doesn't "understand" you.

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  1. I'm so glad you found my book such a good companion! You may well find it both useful and comforting to reread bits of it as you wend your way through the rest of the process - and beyond.
    I appreciated your comment on my website blog, too, where Mattie's and my story continues, from south Texas!
    Kindest wishes and good luck.