Panel Date

A date at last. Not just any date.. the day before my birthday.

Will I be celebrating.. commiserating? Will everything come crashing down on us on that day, or will it be the start of the end of our journey.

It's probably not too healthy to pin so much on one date but who can not? On that day I will be sitting in a room with Lily's Dad in front of maybe 8 people. There may be adopters, adoptees, social workers, health professionals or all of the above and they will decide. They will decide whether they think we're going to be "good enough" parents for their looked after children. Or not.

Okay, okay.. it won't be that bad I know!

Thinking about it leaves me slightly breathless though. I know it's not the end of the journey. We then have to go through a successful matching process with yet another panel and then some months after Lily comes home, the legal process begins. But it's been a long time coming and when they say yes.. because I have to believe they will, it will mean more than just "yes". It will mean that despite everything, they know what we know...

I can't wait.

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