Finally.. some positive reinforcement

That's going to be us!!

We've finally started Stage 2. 

After nearly 4 months, we finally got our letter through to confirm we’ve being approved and they "support your move to Stage 2 of the process". EEK!

We heard from the Stage 2 SW immediately (before the letter even arrived as she was copied in on an email from the agency finally responding to our pestering) – wonderfully it’s the lady we met initially so she already knows our story. That was just under 2 weeks ago and I've just had had my 2nd visit!

So it looks like things will speed up again now and we're set for a completion of the visits early November and then Panel at the beginning of January!

Stage 1 took twice as long as the 8 weeks they give it, but then it’s madness they even bother with a deadline in Stage 1 when there’s so much reliance on other organisations to send back the different checks and I would recommend anyone to anyone just starting to ignore whatever deadline they give you for Stage 1. Hopefully Stage 2 will be different as it just relies on us and one other person for the most part so will hopefully complete around January and then… I can only dream at the moment about what our lives might be like this time next year but we are SO excited.

The first visit was the 2 of us and today's was just with me and.. wow it is just.. it's so different to Stage 1. She's amazing and I'm so glad we have her, I know it could have been very different! We talked about all sorts today.. about my past relationships and so on and all the time she's trying to relay my experiences back to how that means I will be able to cope with adoptive children. There was one scary moment I thought she was trying to say that maybe it wouldn't be right for me but then she just came out with it.. "well you must know, you WILL be placed. I see such great potential in you as adoptive parents".

I think I fainted. Actually, I didn't know. Well I had total conviction that we're right for the job obviously lol but not that anyone else saw that, so it was so amazing to hear. She just said - go through the process. Don't treat it like you're just jumping through hoops.. the point is to help us understand a) what would be a good match for us (and them) and b) also to help us work through together with her and each other HOW we'll deal with things. Now I know she can't say 100% for certain but she's an experience lady and she's met adopters like me, with my experiences and like us - coming at it as a first choice and... OMG! We're going to be parents... it's finally sinking in.

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